Snow White – A Real Story

Many, if not most, stories that we are familiar with contain symbols of moral truths. The story of Dracula is full of symbols. Take the story of Snow White for example.

Snow White symbolized mankind. God had created her with great beauty, but the witch (Satan) was jealous of her beauty and was determined to destroy her. The witch came to her, and like in the Garden of Eden, enticed her to eat of an apple, which represented sin. Sin fully grown is death, and the poisoned apple caused Snow White to appear dead. Naturally the seven dwarfs and her prince were saddened that a thing of such beauty should die, but on the way to the cemetary to bury Snow White, the dwarfs carrying her casket accidentally dropped the casket. It was humiliating and catastrophic for them (much like Christ’s crucifixion). But this catastrophic act caused Snow White to cough up the poisonous apple, just as the crucifixion removed sin from mankind; and Snow White lived again. In fact, she (mankind) lived happily ever-after with her Prince of Peace.

Our Prince of Peace awaits us to repent and cough up the poison that Satan has enticed us to ingest. He promises us a life of peace, love, and happiness ever-after. All we have to do is to reject the poison and live. We shouldn’t live as if dead, when life and beauty awaits us.

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