Republican Or Democrat?

Are you a Republican or a Democrat? Do you support only white candidates, or only black candidates? Do you support only males as president, or would you, also, support the right woman? What team are you on?

I’m sorry, but I’m not a team player. I am a Christian first, and an American second. That means I support a free America, because a free America means that I can openly worship my God without persecution. I support those that have spent their lives building up America, and not those who have spent their lives trying to tear down or dismantle America. I support a person that protects life rather than finding excuses to end it. I support a person who isn’t afraid to display his love of God. I can’t support a person who has done everything in his power to eliminate God from our society. I don’t believe any one person or any government is going to guarantee my freedom. I believe my vote counts, but the time I spend on my knees before God counts even more.
I am not a team player. I don’t owe my allegiance to any one party or any race, and I don’t believe in popularity contests. I will vote for the person I believe supports God’s will for his people, and then I pray that God’s will is perfected in that person. My motto is the same as America’s motto: “In God We Trust.” If a free America is to survive, I pray that it is, also, your motto.

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2 Responses to Republican Or Democrat?

  1. Lots of stereotypes here, but I understand. We support different parties at the moment, but that’s all right. Like you said, we’re Christians first.


    • I read the article on your webpage. I can see that you are a concerned person, however, of the twelve sins of Republicans, all except one are positions taught by left-wing college professors and supported by the liberal media. It is a propaganda tool used to undermine and weaken an enemy. However, I don’t believe in capital punishment either. These, however, are stereotypical cosmetic concerns. I am concerned that Pres. O calls the murders at Ft.Hood a work related act of violence, rather than a terrorist attack by a muslim known to have corresponded with Islamic radicals. I am concerned that he has tried to remove the word “terrorist” from our vocabulary, pretending that these acts are the works of individual nuts. I am concerned that he would deny that the attack on Benghazi was a pre-planned attack by Muslim radicals, and attempted to label it as a spontaneous demonstration because of a never heard of web video. I am concerned with him apologizing and covering up Islamic radicalism. I am concerned that he helped (economically or militarily)overthrow governments in the Middle East to be supplanted by the Muslim Brotherhood. I am concerned that he has done everything to take God and Jesus out of society. I am concerned that everything that he has done has undermined the economy and society. I am concerned that he was raised up and has continued to be surrounded by communists and muslims. I am concerned that he is probably neither Christian or American. I am concerned that if he is re-elected, we will be forced into communism or Sharia law, or both. My concerns are much deeper than left-wing stereotyping or covering up of a regime that is leading America to destruction. I am heartened by the fact that you are still trying to find the truth in politics and are still studying the propaganda. I hope you will continue to search for the truth with an open mind, and that we will no longer support different parties. America needs to stand together at this critical juncture of history, or we will all suffer and fall separately. I don’t believe any Christian or even any true American can continue to support this administration after learning of the facts of these last four years.
      Continue to learn and continue to grow, and may God bless you in all your efforts.


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