What Is Marriage?

Is marriage simply a union of two persons who want to stay together for life, or is it more? If two heterosexual men, who have served in the armed forces together, who care for the well-being of the other, and who would die for one another because of their loyalty and duty to the other person, wanted to get married because of this strong bond, we would think that they were ridiculous. But if they desired each other sexually, some would call that love and say that it is normal for them to want to get married. In some societies herdsmen and shepherds have been known to have sex with their sheep. Should they, also, be married? Should a young boy be allowed to marry his grandmother, because he loves her? Every case just mentioned is a ridiculous concept. If loyalty, duty, love or sex are not the single most important prerequisite that makes a marriage, then what is a marriage?

Marriage is a contract between a man and a woman, with the blessings of God, who vow to remain together for as long as they live, in order to provide a strong and secure foundation for the children that they may have, and to be the male and female role models from whom their children will learn.

Civilization could never have happened without the family. And a civilization or a society cannot continue to exist without the family to nurture the children of that society. Why, then, do certain people in our society want to destroy marriage and the family? Many of them are simply following the Pied Piper, and the Pied Piper knows that to destroy the society that he hates, he must destroy the family by attacking the institute of marriage. And isn’t it a coincidence that the Pied Piper, also, wants to take God out of society; because without God, man is stuck with man-made morality – the same morality that has rationalized the murder of hundreds of millions of people over the centuries. Are people that blind, or do they refuse to see where they are being led, because they are mesmerized by the music of the Piper’s magic flute? Lemmings, also, travel in groups, and when their numbers becomes so great that they can no longer find food, they begin running en masse until they run over a cliff and fall to their deaths in the rocks and ocean below. Don’t be a lemming. Be a human being created in the image of God; and think for yourself.

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