Realities of Abortion

One of my readers sent me this quote.

Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.” by Ronald Reagan.

What this quotation hasn’t put into words is, “Those that have been aborted cannot speak for themselves”.

This statement might indicate that the person advocating abortion believes they should kill their children rather than allowing them to live in this cruel world; or they love life so much that they are unwilling to share it with anyone – even their own child.

Either thought is sick and perverted. Life is a gift of God. It is, also, difficult and the place where we choose between Christ or Satan – between life and death. Yes, life is God’s gift to the child. Our nurturing and preparing the child for their experiences in life, is our gift to the child. If God loves us enough to give us life, we should love God enough to protect and preserve that life and the lives of others.  If God sees fit to give life, who are we to end it?

Fifty-five million babies have been aborted in America since Roe vs Wade and the ensuing legislation. Any politician that supports abortion and says that they have compassion for the people that they represent is a liar. If a person supports the murder of a defenseless, innocent child, how much compassion does that person have for anyone else?

The left-wing “progressives” promote and encourage, not only abortion, but, also, homosexuality in order to depopulate and erase our society, replacing it with a population that never knew God, never knew freedom, but only knew welfare and reliance on the government.  The left is not fighting a war of morality, but a war on morality.  They want to replace mankind with human livestock, without a mind or spirit.  They are not fighting for you, but fighting against you.

Young women are pushed into having an abortion by their boyfriends, parents, husbands or friends, while feeling that since it is legal and accepted by society, then it must be all right.  The remorse and regret sets in after the event.  Those women have my heart-felt sympathy.  Anyone, and really, everyone makes mistakes.   The good news is, that God will forgive any sin that we ask Him to forgive, and there will be a reunion with that child one day.  So, let the Father take away the pain and guilt of our past, and replace it with a future of hope and love.  Only He can take the broken pieces of our lives, and create a beautiful mosaic out of those pieces, bringing us a future of  peace, joy and love through His Son Jesus the Messiah.

Turn away from big government or world government, and turn to God to solve your problems, to provide for your needs, and to bless you with joy and completion in your life.

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