Church For Families

I am sometimes saddened when I drive to church, to see the children and families on the street or in their yards who are not going to be in church with us.
I am sometimes saddened as I see the statistics, in crime, drugs, unwed mothers, and broken lives and families, continue to rise. And I am troubled when the statistics in teen suicide continue to grow. I know that they weren’t even taught where they could turn when the world got too much for them.
We as parents have been given children and a responsibility to teach them the truth about all of creation, and not just the secular created version of life. The same people who tell us that we should not force Christian morality on our children are the same people who will defend the right of our education system, our government and our media to teach them their version of morality.
My wife and I have lost two of our adult children and we know that they are in Heaven. I can’t explain the joy and consolation we enjoy, knowing that we had given them direction before they had to leave us. My first prayer after their death was, “Hold them in your arms, Father, until I can hold them in my arms again.”
I wish that no parent will ever have to know the pain of losing a child. But whether a child goes first or you go first, know this: You can hold them in your arms again, and what a glorious moment that will be. It is a promise made to us – not by a school, a government or the media, but it was made to us by God Himself.
Andy Mealer

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