Sex Outside Of Marriage?

We hear rationalizations such as, “But we love each other,” or “But we’re going to be married, and a Marriage Certificate is just a piece of paper.” But is it just a piece of paper?If it’s just a piece of paper, then we may, also, hear rationalizations after marriage such as, “I don’t love the other person,” or “my spouse doesn’t give me what I want, so I do this just to keep the family together”, or “it’s just a fling to blow off steam. My marriage is strong.”
But God didn’t create a piece of paper. He created a union between man and woman to reflect Himself: the strength of man, the tenderness of woman, and the creation of life within the union.
The Bible says, “God created man, male and female He created them and told them to go forth and multiply.” He created sex and marriage as a reflection of His divine nature, and not as a toy to be shared with anyone except the person that we have sworn to love and serve, until death do we part. Just a piece of paper? Or a covenant with God? Are we alley cats, or are we the reflection of God, determined to have healthy and happy children within our marriage only? Not only do we protect the children, but we protect ourselves, just as He meant it to be.

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