Disciple or Apostle?

In Christianity a disciple is one who is learning the Christian discipline or teachings. An apostle is a disciple that has learned enough to be sent forth as a messenger. There is a world of difference.
When we accept Jesus as our Messiah, our redeemer and the son of God, the Holy Spirit comes and bears witness with our spirit that we are saved. That begins our journey as a disciple as we seek to become apostles. All Christians are called to carry the message of Christ to the lost. All Christians are related to Christ through his blood that was shed on the cross, but not all Christians develop a relationship with Him. And that is what He truly desires from us.
Jesus said that if we are His, that we should “deny ourselves, and pick up our cross daily and follow Him.” Our baptism begins our journey, and following Him is our journey. It is the greatest journey that we could ever imagine.
He loved us enough to die a terrible death for us, and that sacrifice forgave our sins and reconciled us with God the Father. If we have any appreciation for what he did for us, we will learn of him, love him, follow him and go forth and bring his message to the world. It is a journey that rewards us in this world, and rewards us with ever-lasting life in the next world, and all along, he carries our burdens. You’ll never find a better deal than that.

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