The Eye Of A Needle

Most of us can be considered rich. Perhaps not a millionaire or a billionaire,but rich in possessions. We have toys, TV, radio, computers, cell phones, and computer games to keep our minds occupied at all times, leaving no time to consider or think about the important questions in life.Even if we attend church regularly, many of us allot one hour per week for God, and the rest of the week we concentrate on our jobs, families and toys. To the rest of the world we are considered rich.
Jesus said that “it was easier for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. When his disciples asked who then could enter Heaven, Jesus replied that nothing is impossible with God.
We have been taught that “the eye of a needle” was an actual gate, only about four feet tall. It is possible for a camel to go through the gate, except for one thing: Camels are stiff-necked, and even if they get on their knees, it is extremely difficult for the handler to get them to bow down or lower their head in order to fit through the gate. The rich man or woman is the same way: They rely on themselves and their possessions, and find it difficult to humble themselves or bow down to the Living God. The haughty posture of a camel will keep it from entering the gate, and the haughtiness of a person will keep them out of Heaven. Only through humility and exalting God will any of us be able to enter Heaven.
If we read the Bible and learn about the love that God has for us, and the sacrifices He has made for us in order to bring us salvation, we will love Him, and we will humbly thank Him. Learn of Him and enter in through the gate. He awaits you.

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